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pool technician working

Whether your pump has stopped working or you need a light replaced, fully trained and equipped Pinch A Penny techs are here to help. We service and repair all brand-name pool equipment. From filters and motors to salt chlorine systems, our team can handle it.

We also offer service on heaters, automatic pool cleaners, pool lighting, bulb replacement and automation systems. Let the experience of Pinch A Penny take the hassle out of getting your pool running again.

*Pricing and services offered vary by location.

Pool Service Cleaning, Install, & Repair

Customer Reviews

Very knowledgeable. Took our pool pump in for diagnosis and it needed a new motor and replaced the seals too. They had all the parts in stock and I was able to pick it back up in just over and hour. Would highly recommend!! — Norah H.


Pool Service Cleaning, Install, & Repair

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Services vary by location.
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